Product Specs

Below is a summary of a series of independent tests carried out on glass panels coated with the Graphic Glass coating product.

A series of tests were carried out on coated glass panels to assess the quality of the coating. The panels were coated on one side only with a 65% gloss. Air Dry System Colours submitted were Red, Black, White and Yellow, as representative, and where elevated temperatures were used in the test programme, toughened glass was provided.

Test description Result Scale 0-10
1. Dry Adhesion Pass (all colours) 10
2. Wet Adhesion Pass (all colours) 10
3. Permeability Pass (all colours) 10
4. Resistance to heat Pass (all colours) 10
5. Resistance to heat - slow cooling Pass (all colours) 10
6. Resistance to heat - thermal Pass (all colours) 10
7. Acid resistance Pass (all colours) 10
8. Alkali resistance Pass (all colours) 10
9. Boiling water resistance Pass (all colours) 10
10. Accelerated resistance to ultra violet light.
500 hrs. Fadeometer (Q Panel QUV)
Pass (all colours) 10 (no change)
11. Humidity resistance.
96 hrs @ 60 degrees and 85% humidity
Pass (all colours) 10 (no change)

Resistance to Heat

An air-forced temperature of approximately 500 Degrees Celsius was applied to the coating from a distance of 100mm for a continuous period of 5 minutes.

There was no evidence of blistering nor discolouration. The coating remained hard and maintained its integrity with the toughened glass substrate.

Resistance to Heat – Slow Cooking

Panels were heated in an oven at a constant temperature of 250 Degrees Celsius maintained for 4 hours. After cooling for 2 hours the samples exhibited no blisters or de-lamination.

Acid Resistance

Samples were immersed in 10% sulphuric acid solution for 24 hours at room temperature. No change was apparent.

Boiling Water Resistance

Panels were immersed in boiling deionised water for 30 minutes. There was no change in the appearance of the coating.